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Kwalifikacja Stypendialna

Every year, Our Future Foundation helps a group of 22 most talented young Poles to start studies at the most prestigious universities in the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and France.

Winners selected in a two-stage recruitment receive individual and comprehensive support from experienced mentors - students and graduates of world-class universities such as Harvard University, University of Oxford or University of Cambridge. Mentors advise on the choice of university and direction, present application details, help in the preparation of the necessary documents, and also provide advice when planning a further career path or looking for additional funding. Most of all, they share with their students what is most important when choosing a university - their personal experiences and priceless knowledge.

The key element of the Program is the weekly Mentoring Cruisebut our winners also take part in the gala of granting scholarships, Our Future Forum conference and the series of OFF Masterclass workshops. So far, 44 winners and over 100 beneficiaries have benefited from the Foundation's support. In the near future, we plan to offer our scholarship holders additional funding for their education, in order to be able to carry out the mission of Our Future Foundation. In cooperation with our Partners, we provide equal educational opportunities and create conditions for the development of the most talented Polish students. We believe that investing in educating young talents - leaders of tomorrow - is not only the only right answer to the challenges of today and a key element of common concern for our future, but also the most efficient method of strengthening Polish competitiveness in the modern world.

Support for youth from Ukraine

Additionally, in the face of the tragic events taking place in Ukraine, Our Future Foundation has included charitable activities to support the integration of Ukrainian youth. An important element of the mentoring program will be carrying out supporting initiatives by our students to help integration of Ukrainian youth through integration meetings and creating places to exchange opinions, learn about their own abilities in the current situation, and relieve the tension arising from the current geopolitical situation. Therefore, this year we are creating an additional pool of places for Ukrainian youth. 

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