Our mission

The goal of Our Future Foundation is to support the educational and professional development of ambitious young people from all over Poland. The foundation fulfils its mission by providing students with comprehensive assistance in the application process for the best world universities and helping them choose their dream career paths. Foundation, in cooperation with its partners, offers talented high school students access to scholarship and mentoring programs. It connects young leaders with successful people and future employers, as well as organizes events integrating young Poles motivated to change the world. Aiming to support people from various environments and equalize educational opportunities, the Foundation contributes not only to broadening the horizons and success of its pupils, but also to the long-term development of Poland by fostering professionals capable of facing and solving truly global challenges.

Our goals

  • stimulating cooperation between representatives of the following sectors: education, higher education, science and business in the spirit of spreading the idea of sharing knowledge, mutual assistance, as well as associating and establishing new contacts between highly talented people who are successful in their fields of activity;
  • promoting the idea of active citizenship, promoting and nurturing Polish tradition, culture and art, as well as promoting the Republic of Poland abroad and advocating for international cooperation;
  • dissemination of modern educational methods for the development of scientific, professional and social competences among students, as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, promotion of physical culture and sport activities;
  • promoting, supporting and initiating the following activities:
    • scientific, technical, inventive, higher education, including the education of pupils and students,
    • cultural, protection of cultural property and national heritage,
    • supporting the development of science, technology, inventiveness and innovation,
    • supporting economic development, including entrepreneurship, as well as dissemination and implementation of new technical solutions in business practice;
  • supporting highly gifted students, initiating and promoting volunteering;
  • supporting activities for European and transatlantic cooperation with special focus on the role of the Republic of Poland, the development of local communities, developing contacts and cooperation between different communities as well as helping Poles abroad.