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For 2 years, we have been helping to spread wings and make dreams come true of the most talented Polish youths. By organising many events and trips, such as Our Future Forum Conference, MasterClass Workshops or Mentoring Cruise, the Foundation integrates young and ambitious Poles who want to broaden their minds as well as make a progress in many areas. Mentees can look to mentors and the Foundation itself for comprehensive support, but also they can rely on each others - Our Future Foundation creates a community for them which is similar to a solidary academic family.

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Foundation's mission

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The goal of Our Future Foundation is to support the educational and professional development of ambitious young people from all over Poland.

The foundation fulfils its mission by providing the comprehensive assistance in the recruitment process for the world's best universities and in choosing the dream career path. In cooperation with Partners, the foundation offers Mentoring Programme, with is the Foundation's flagship project. It also connects young leaders with successful people and future employers and organises numerous events which integrate the environment of motivated young Poles. These events include the Our Future Forum conference, MasterClass workshops and networking meetings. By equalising education opportunities, the Foundation contributes not only to broadening the horizons and the success of its pupils, but also to the long-term development of the country by building staff capable of meeting truly global challenges.

The Foundation's goals

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Stimulating cooperation

Stimulating cooperation between representatives of education, economy and business in the spirit of spreading the idea of ​​mutual knowledge sharing, providing help and associating as well as establishing contacts by people who are extremely gifted and successful in their fields of activity, which the Foundation implements thanks to networking meetings.


The popularisation of modern educational methods as part of activities for the development of scientific, professional and social competences among young people and students, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, disseminating physical culture and sports activity, which the Foundation implements, among others, by organizing the Our Future Forum conference and MasterClass workshops.


Promoting the idea of ​​active citizenship as well as the Republic of Poland abroad and acting for international cooperation and cultivating Polish tradition, culture and art, which the Foundation implements through close cooperation with students of foreign universities, including mentors and scholars of previous editions of the Mentoring Program.

Supporting remarkably talented young Poles

Supporting remarkably talented young Poles and charity as well as initiating and promoting volunteering, which the Foundation carries out by expanding and supporting a network of ambassadors-volunteers from all over Poland.

Supporting activities for European and transatlantic cooperation

Supporting activities for European and transatlantic cooperation, with particular emphasis on the role of the Republic of Poland, development of local communities, developing contacts and cooperation between societies, as well as helping Polish diaspora and Poles abroad, which the Foundation implements by sending its representatives to various discussion forums, conferences and consultations.

Wsparcie ukraińskiej młodzieży

W obliczu tragicznych wydarzeń mających miejsce za naszą granicą, Our Future Foundation włączyło do swoich celów działania charytatywne na rzecz wsparcia asymilacji ukraińskiej młodzieży. Założeniem działań Fundacji jest wsparcie asymilacji młodych Ukraińców przez liczne spotkania integracyjne. Oprócz asymilacji, równie ważne będzie stworzenie miejsca do wymiany zdań, poznania własnych możliwości w obecnej sytuacji, a także rozładowania napięcia powstałego wskutek obecnej sytuacji geopolitycznej.

What we offer?

Promoting, supporting and initiating activities:

  • scientific, technological, inventive, higher education, educational, including educating pupils and students,
  • cultural, protection of cultural goods and national heritage,
  • supporting the development of science, technology, inventiveness and innovation,
  • supporting economic development, including the development of entrepreneurship and the dissemination and implementation of new technical solutions,
  • in business practice;


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