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Mentoring Cruise 2021

The cruise was attended by 30 ambitious high school students and 20 mentors accompanied by 10 steersmen, who from 4 to 11 July had the opportunity to sail together in the Land of Great Masurian Lakes, where they reached 5 ports on the route: Wilkasy - Ryn - Mikołajki - Lake Śniardwy - Giżycko - Wilkasy.


The Mentoring Cruise, which is the key point of the Our Future Foundation Mentoring Program, is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn independence. The Foundation organizes it for the pupils under its care, making it possible for students from various backgrounds to spend their holidays actively. During a sailing adventure accompanied by mentors, participants gain new skills, learn the art of sailing and group cooperation, and gain knowledge about academic life and the studies abroad. The cruise is also attended by representatives of cooperating companies, which is why it is not only an opportunity for individual development and unforgettable fun, but also fosters building social relationships with peers and professional relationships with professionals from various industries. In 2021, Zuzanna Piasecka joined us, along with Krzysztof Borusowski and Andrzej Klesyk.

The goal of Our Future Foundation is to support the educational and professional development of ambitious young people from all over Poland. The Foundation fulfills its mission through the organization of Mentoring Cruises. During the trip, we also pursue other goals of the Foundation, such as: supporting outstandingly talented young Poles and stimulating cooperation between representatives of education, higher education, economy and business in the spirit of spreading the idea of mutual knowledge sharing, providing help and associating and establishing contacts by people exceptionally gifted and successful in their fields of activity.

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“Coming from a small town, from a poor family background, is a situation that makes a career difficult - this is the premise of the Our Future Foundation. As a solution to equalize the chances at the start, he proposes a mentoring program, i.e. personal support from people who can teach young people how to strive for their own success. "

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