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Masterclass Workshops I

Due to the pandemic situation, the first edition of the Masterclass was held in the form of three interactive lectures.


The first lecture was conducted by Iwona Hołubiec, a coach with PCC ICF accreditation. The topic of the workshop is ,,Everything you desire is on the other side of the fear" 60 minutes about self-confidence. During the classes, young people could learn more about the basic principles of self-esteem, emotions and their impact on our functioning. She had the chance to learn the most common thinking pitfalls standing in the way of complacency, as well as perform exercises that will help to cope with them and increase self-confidence. 


Second lecture - “All the skills of the future in an hour and a half! Classes with a debating master " was conducted by Przemysław Stolarski from Think and Speak Academy. The 2018 Polish Parliamentary Debate Champion, the judge of the cup rounds of the University European Debates Championships, introduced the participants to the debate not only in theory, but above all in practice. 


The last lecture was conducted by Andrzej Skasko - "Storytelling in the times of digital plague - how to speak so that we are heard?". The winner of many prestigious industry awards told workshop participants how to use stories to inspire and truly influence leaders. 


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