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During the year, the Foundation organizes eight interesting events, such as the Our Future Forum conference and MasterClass workshops, in which young people from all over Poland and university students from around the world take part. In addition, our pupils are invited to a gala awarding scholarships and a mentoring cruise. The Foundation also implements long-term projects such as Paideia and Copernicus!


Coopernicus is the latest initiative of Our Future Foundation. Its main goal is to spread awareness of the achievements of Poles in Europe and around the world. We create a community of Polish scientists and professionals, support recruitment and new collaborations within the community and with Polish institutions and enterprises.


Paideia was founded on the initiative of the Our Future Foundation in response to the great interest in educational support on the part of our pupils, whom we are not able to support directly through the Foundation. Paidei is a financing project for OFF, and its quality and professionalism are ensured by the OFF Foundation and its mentors.

Our Future Forum conference

Twice a year, in March and September, we organize the Our Future Forum conference. During the event, experts invited by OFF talk about everything that concerns the young generation.

Masterclass Workshops

The dynamically changing reality makes us realize how important it is to constantly develop our competences and acquire new ones. In cooperation with our Partners, we organize a series of intensive workshops several times a year, during, which we invite experts from various fields - business practitioners, journalists and academics.

Nationwide Scholarship Programme Gala

Every year, Our Future Foundation helps a group of 22 most talented young Poles to start studies at the most prestigious universities in the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and France. Winners selected in two-stage recruitment receive individual and comprehensive support from experienced mentors - students
The gala is the official start of the Our Future Foundation scholarship program.

Mentoring Cruise

Every year, we invite the winners of the scholarship program to participate in the summer Mentoring Cruise. During a week-long sailing trip along the route of the Great Masurian Lakes, participants join the Foundation's mentors in crews and spend time together on yachts. Intensive contact between the mentees and mentors allows them to get to know each other better and to talk about application for foreign studies in depth.

Networking events

One of the goals of Our Future Foundation is to stimulate cooperation between representatives of education, higher education, economy and business in the spirit of spreading the idea of mutual knowledge sharing, providing help and associating and establishing contacts by people who are extremely talented and successful in their fields of activity, which The Foundation carries out thanks to networking meetings.