Our Projects

Mentoring cruise

Our mentoring sailing camp is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn independence. The Foundation organizes it for its mentees, creating the possibility of actively spending the summer holidays for students from all walks of life. During the sailing adventure in the company of mentors, participants acquire new skills, learn the art of sailing and cooperation in a group. Moreover, they gain knowledge about academic life and studies abroad. Representatives of partnering institutions also participate in the cruise, which is why it is not only a chance for individual development and unforgettable fun, but also fosters building social relationships with peers and professional ties with representatives from various industries.

Mentoring support

The foundation provides pupils with support in the application process for the best universities in the world. Mentors, who themselves went through a similar recruitment process are naturally experienced in this area. They show their mentees how to present their advantages and achievements in order to convince the admissions officers. They explain how to write an effective personal statement, prepare for interviews and help in choosing the best courses for them. In addition, mentors familiarize their mentees with the realities of studying in a foreign country and provide advice on the difficulties of living independently away from home. The small age difference between mentors and mentees makes it easier to establish relationships and ask even the most difficult questions, and mentors, remembering the time of their application, accurately recognize the needs of their mentees.


The Foundation's close cooperation with reputable companies and institutions gives pupils a chance to access unparalleled career development opportunities, such as personalized internships. Students learn about the future work environment and gain experience that is also useful when applying to study abroad. Having work experience from such a young age in such renowned companies will prepare them for their further careers. Our goal is to help them discover a career path that will give them the most satisfaction. Furthermore, during long-term internships, the mentees will establish relationships with their future colleagues and learn about the organisational characteristics of their future employers.


The bootcamp organized by the Foundation is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships between mentees and mentors. During a 3-day trip, high school students will be preparing to work in the industries in which the partners of Our Future Foundation operate. Thanks to the bootcamp, they will learn about the problems they will face in their future careers. A well-planned trip will ensure that high school students not only gain experience regarding a possible career path, but also experience unforgettable adventures in the company of other talented teenagers.

Networking meetings

Foundation organizes regular networking meetings, which are an excellent opportunity to expand contacts and get to know people associated with the organization and its partners. The goal is to create groups of ambitious and motivated individuals who will support each other in the future. It is also an opportunity for mentees and mentors to become familiar with the specifics of working in partner companies and to meet the people who manage them. The networking meetings are also a great opportunity to learn more about different career paths by meeting inspiring professionals.