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Our Future Forum

We initiate a debate around the most important challenges of the young generation.

Every year we organise the Our Future Forum conference. During the event, experts invited by OFF discuss everything that concerns the younger generation. Together, we are looking at how to attract young talent to Poland, effectively level the playing field in education, plan for 21st century careers or adapt education to the rapid development of technology. By organising Our Future Forum, we want to connect young people and our award winners with representatives from business, culture, politics or the non-governmental sectors. Our Partners are also invited to participate.

We involve young people from all over Poland

Our Future Forum is attended by several hundred people, but the event is also broadcast live by our media partners, where several thousand viewers follow the event every year. We want to reach as wide an audience as possible in order to efficiently build dialogue around the challenges faced by young people and ensure that they are taken into account by the public and private sectors in making key decisions.

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the reality and build a community of experts around the issues discussed. It’s for this reason that every edition is recapitulated with a series of substantive reports that elaborate on the issues raised by the panellists.

Video of previous edition

Selected speakers

Swietlana Cichanouska

Liderka białoruskiej opozycji

Jolanta Wiewióra

Dyrektor Pionu Zarządzania Personelem

PKO Bank Polski

Maciej Musiał

Aktor, producent

Mark Brzezinski

Ambasador USA w Polsce

dr Tomasz Rożek


Fundacja Nauka. To Lubię

Maciej Kawecki


Instytut Lema

Magdalena Kasiewicz

Członek Zarządu

Microsoft Polska

prof. Grzegorz Mazurek


Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

Media publications

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IV edycja Our Future Forum – o przyszłości w niepewnych czasach

Jak z Wiśniowej na Podkarpaciu dostać się na Harvard? W piątek zaczyna się Our Future Forum

Become a partner

When organising the event, we cooperate with the leading Polish and international companies. If you would like to co-create another edition of Our Future Forum, feel free to contact us.
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