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Scholarship qualification

As every year, Our Future Foundation will help a group of the most talented Polish and Ukrainian high school students to develop their potential under the wings of the foundation's Mentors, who are students or graduates of the most prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard University, University of Oxford or University of Pennsylvania.

Academic and professional pathway

Participation in the Scholarship Qualification is an exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences in a unique peer group of the brightest and most ambitious high school students under the guidance of Our Future Foundation Mentors. The Foundation’s mentors, sharing their experiences and invaluable first-hand knowledge, are a reliable support in the application process for study abroad. In addition, the mentoring programme involves support in planning a further academic career path, or seeking additional funding.

Foundation’s events

A key element of the Programme is a free, week-long Mentoring Cruise, which offers our mentees the chance to develop their skills and knowledge under the guidance of the Foundation’s Mentors while wandering around the Masurian lakes. The unique atmosphere of the cruise promotes a natural exchange of experiences that become a source of motivation and inspiration for our guests. The series of multidisciplinary workshops fosters the holistic development of Cruise participants and often allows them to discover new interests and passions.


The winners of the programme will be invited to attend the Scholarship Award Gala, the Our Future Forum conference and a series of OFF Masterclass workshops.


Our mentees can take advantage of internship opportunities at the Foundation's partner companies, and receive financial support in acquiring educational materials.


We believe that investment in the education of young talents - the leaders of tomorrow - is not only the only appropriate response to the challenges of today and a key element of our common concern for our future, but also an effective way of strengthening Poland's competitiveness in the modern world.

To date, the Foundation has already helped more than 200 mentees get to study abroad!


Stage I

In the form of an online form, it allows us to get to know the profiles of our candidates in terms of their academic and extracurricular achievements and creativity will run from 12 February to 19 March 2024.

Results of the Stage I

The results of the first stage, which will reveal a group of 60-70 finalists, will be announced on 19 March.

Stage II

Stage II of the qualification (24-26 March), are online interviews that allow us to get to know our finalists better, their interests and future plans.

Announcement of laureates

A list of 20-30 laureates of the mentoring programme will be published within 7 days after the completion of the interviews.

Support for the Ukrainian youth

In view of the tragic events that are taking place across our border, Our Future Foundation included among its goals charitable activities in order to support assimilation of the Ukrainian youth. An important element of the mentoring programme will be for our mentees to carry out initiatives to support the integration of young Ukrainians through integration meetings and the creation of venues for exchanging ideas, learning about their own capabilities in the current situation. We anticipate an additional pool of places for Ukrainian youth.

The Eligibility Regulations for the Our Future Foundation 2023 mentoring programme can be found here.

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