Scholarship Qualification


Sholarship Qualification

Join the Scholarship Programme

Each year, we select the best candidates from across Poland who are accepted into the Mentoring Programme. The programme offers the grantees mentorship, a series of free lectures and training sessions and a week-long Mentoring Cruise. Scholarship Qualification is a great opportunity for educational and professional development which will facilitate their application to the world’s top universities!

Academic and professional pathway

Participation in the Scholarship Qualification is an exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences in a unique peer group of the brightest and most ambitious high school students under the guidance of Our Future Foundation Mentors.

The Foundation’s mentors, sharing their experiences and invaluable first-hand knowledge, are a reliable support in the application process for study abroad. In addition, the mentoring programme involves support in planning a further academic career path, or seeking additional funding.

Benefits for Scholarship Qualification Winners:

  • contact with the most talented peers from all over Poland;

  • participation in the Foundation’s events – the Mentoring Cruise and the OFF Scholarship Gala;
  • opportunities for internships in partner companies, financial support, assistance in obtaining educational materials and with their own projects and initiatives;
  • access to and support from the Foundation’s Mentors in planning an individual development path.

For whom are the OFF Scholarships dedicated?

Celem Kwalifikacji jest wspieranie uzdolnionej młodzieży licealnej, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem młodzieży pochodzącej z mniejszych ośrodków miejskich i wsi. Stypendystą mogą zostać osoby, które:

  • are at least 15 years old,
  • attend a secondary school,
  • demonstrate above-average academic potential or have achievements in specific fields or non-academic activities,
  • are ambitious, show initiative and have high development potential.

The winners of the scholarship programme will be invited to participate in a summer Mentoring Cruise. During the week-long sailing trip along the route of the Great Mazurian Lakes, participants are teamed up with Foundation mentors to form crews and spend time together on yachts. The intensive contact between mentees and mentors allows them to get to know each other better and talk in depth about applying to study abroad.

The winners also attend the Scholarship Award Gala. This is another opportunity to interact with Mentors, the Foundation team, winners from previous Scholarship Qualifications; an opportunity to share personal experiences and invaluable first-hand knowledge.

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Regulamin Kwalifikacji Stypendialnej

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