About Foundation


Our activities mostly address the needs of young Poles through constant provision of knowledge, motivation and inspiration.

The projects carried out by the Foundation develop skills and attitudes based on the concept of multidirectional personal development – a vital ingredient of success in the 21st century. 

We stimulate cooperation

The OFF projects aim to build bridges between representatives of the education, training, higher education, economic and business worlds in the spirit of spreading the idea of mutual sharing of knowledge, assistance and association and networking by exceptionally talented and successful individuals in their respective fields of activity.

We are spreading good practice

We support the use of modern educational methods as part of our efforts to develop scientific, professional and social competences among young people and students, as well as to promote sporting activities and a healthy lifestyle, which the Foundation does, among other things, by organising a Mentoring Cruise.

We promote agency and commitment

The Foundation cherishes the idea of active citizenship, as well as promoting the Republic of Poland abroad and working to foster international cooperation and nurture Polish traditions, culture and art, which it pursues through close cooperation with foreign university students, including mentors and scholarship holders from previous editions of the Mentoring Programme.

We are helping outstandingly talented young Poles

The Foundation is committed to contributing to the development of the most talented Poles and inspiring them to charitable and philanthropic activities, as well as initiating and promoting volunteering, which the Foundation does by developing and supporting a network of volunteer ambassadors from across Poland.

We believe in European and transatlantic cooperation

The Foundation works for international cooperation and exposure, with a particular focus on strengthening the role of the Republic of Poland. The Foundation strives for the development of local communities and societies, the fostering of contacts and cooperation between societies, and works for the integration and development of the Polish community and Poles abroad. It pursues these objectives by sending its representatives to various discussion forums, conferences, consultations and the Coopernicus project.

We support for the Ukrainian youth

In view of the tragic events that are taking place across our border, Our Future Foundation included among its goals charitable activities in order to support assimilation of the Ukrainian youth. The objective of the Foundation’s activities is to support the assimilation of young Ukrainians through various social gatherings. Apart from assimilation, it’ll also be important to create a platform to exchange experiences, discover opportunities available in the current situation and dissolve tensions resulting from the present geopolitical situation.

Our values

Equalising educational opportunities
Promoting entrepreneurship
Free access to knowledge and events
Exchange of experience

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