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Our Future Forum conference

We initiate a debate on the most important challenges of the young generation.

Twice a year, in March and September, we organize the Our Future Forum conference. During the event, experts invited by OFF talk about everything that concerns the young generation. Together, we consider how to attract young talents to Poland, effectively equalize opportunities in education, plan a career in the 21st century or adapt education to the rapid development of technology. By organizing Our Future Forum, we want to connect young people and our winners with representatives of business, culture, politics and the non-governmental sector. We also invite our Partners to participate.

Several hundred people take part in Our Future Forum, but the event is also broadcast live by our media partners, where it is followed every year by several thousand recipients. We want to reach the widest possible audience in order to efficiently build a dialogue around the challenges faced by young people and to make them be taken into account by the public and private sectors in making key decisions. Our goal is to exert a positive influence on reality and to build an expert base around the issues discussed, which is why we summarize each edition with a series of substantive reports, expanding the topics raised by the speekers.