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Masterclass Workshops

We invest in competences and connect young talents with the labor market!

The dynamically changing reality makes us realize how important it is to constantly develop our competences and acquire new ones. In cooperation with our Partners, we organize a series of intensive workshops several times a year, to conduct which we invite experts from various fields - business practitioners, journalists and academics. In small groups, giving the opportunity to establish direct contact with the teacher, we talk and practice new practical skills. We learn: how to work more productively, how to think innovatively or how to communicate with each other more efficiently. Through the workshops, we want to familiarize participants with the specifics of work in selected industries and professions. The intimate formula of the meeting allows the participants to get to know each other better and to build relationships. We want to connect young talents with potential employers to improve the entry of young people into the labor market and encourage them to stay in the country. As in the case of Our Future Forum, we give the opportunity to participate in the OFF Masterclass for free as many people as possible and broadcast face-to-face meetings on our social media channels.